DIY Lychee Jelly 自製荔枝啫喱: 和孩子一起烹調的開心活動

2.魚膠粉 15克
3. 糖 (適量,個人口味)
4. 食水 (已煲的水,適量,讓糖水和水加起來整體是850ml)

1. 把荔枝平均分到啫喱杯中
2. 把罐中的糖水倒入量杯,看有多少ml
3. 把食水加入糖水,直至整體的量是850ml
4. 把混合液體倒進鍋中煮暖,然後加入糖和魚膠粉,攪拌至糖和魚膠粉溶掉
5. 讓混合液待涼,倒進啫喱杯中,然後可放進冰箱,完成


其實基本魚膠粉和液體的比例份量是:15克魚膠粉和850 ml的液體。




Making the Lychee Jello with your little kid

1. 1 can of Lychee
2. 15g of Pure Gelatin
3. Sugar (optional, depends on personal taste)
4. Cooked water (to make the total volume of liquid of 850 ml)

Cooking Method:
1. Pick out the Lychee and distribute evenly into the jello cups
2. Measure the volume of syrup
3. Add the cooked water into the syrup so that the total volume of mixture is 850ml
4. Warm up the mixture, then add sugar and pure gelatin, stir until sugar and gelatin dissolve
5. Cool the mixture, then pour into the jello cups.

This is a great cooking experience to cook with your little kids. My son is about 7 years old and he could help out most of the procedures except the stirring part over the stove as the liquid is a bit warm and the steam is a bit hot for him. So the parent could help out the stirring part.
the ratio between gelatin and liquid is 15gram to 850ml of liquid. So you can actually make a jello of your choice. I have tried also canned Longan and it tastes great. 

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