DIY Yakult Popsicle 自製益力多冰條: 和孩子一起烹調的開心活動

DIY Yakult Popsicle
1.益力多 (適量,視乎容器)
2.罐頭荔枝或龍眼 (適量,個人口味;建議只下1-2顆,太多的話會令冰條易碎)

1. 把荔枝/龍眼放到冰條容器中
2. 加入益力多,完成


DIY Yakult Popsicle適逢暑假,便想和孩子們多做一些親子活動,和想讓他們多學懂烹調,加上他們十分喜歡飲益力多便想出了這個十分容易的烹調活動,可以讓小孩自己做自己吃製成品,蠻有滿足感。





--------------------------In English----------------------------------------------

Making the Yakult Popsicle with your little kid

1. Yakult (depends on the popsicle molds)
2. Canned Lychee or Longan (suggest to add 1-2 only as too many of them will make popsicle easy to break)/div>

Cooking Method:
1. Pick out the Lychee/Longan and distribute evenly into the popsicle molds
2. Pour in Yakult

(For the remaining Canned fruit in syrup, can use them to make jello, see my blog at

This is a great cooking experience to cook with your little kids. It is summer vacation and my sons love Yakult a lot that I thought it would be great to have a cooking activity with them which they can learn how to cook themselves and get to enjoy their own products. We have made popsicles with only Yakult, and some with fruit; they all taste great but the ones with fruit will give you extra texture. Could also try out juice and some liquidy desserts :) 
Please do share with us what you have used :)
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